Safety edge, safety mat, safety bumper, radio control, power transmission

Applications such as machine guards, lifting tables, theatre stages and many others are typical. Safety edges, when activated, will immediately switch off the power source. Previous to the launch of the Haake safety edge, either electrically operating devices to the N/O principle (two conductive strips or layers are brought together when the safety edge is operated), or opto-electronic systems (a light beam is interrupted) were the standard product options available on the market. Such devices operate via signals, which need to be transformed and processed via a control unit.
For protecting persons against risks of this kind, pressure sensitive safety mats are employed. At devices such as machines, machining centres, presses, robot cells, high-shelf warehouses and many others, safety mats immedi-ately switch off the power source, when the mat is stepped on. As long as the person stays on the mat, the machine cannot be set back into operation.

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